Designing your Sustainability

November 2017

Albea partner of the SUSTAIN-T project to improve sustainable tourism

Albea is member of the European partnership led by the research group TUDISTAR of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in charge of the development of the virtual learning platform on sustainable tourism Sustain-T, addressed to micro and small enterprises of the European tourism sector.

The Sustain-T project has 8 partners of 6 nationalities (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria and Hungary) and different typologies (universities, consultancies, tourism confederation, chamber of commerce, training centre and digital solutions agency).

The aim of the project is to create resources for micro and small enterprises in the tourism sector to enable to improve their activity in terms of sustainability and contribute to a more sustainable tourism. The project, which offers educational and learning materials with high academic rigour, has as an added value the interactive tools of self-audit, resource mapping and ideation, to enhance collaborative and networking structures.

March 2016

Albea successfully manages proposals for the EU Programmes CEF Transport and H2020 Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

The 2015 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Calls, published on November 5th 2015 and closed on February 16th 2016, have offered more than € 1,1 billion available to public and private entities across all EU Member States (General Call) and € 6,5 billion being only eligible for Cohesion Countries (Cohesion Call) to finance projects within the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

Albea’s headquarters in Spain and France have coordinated several proposals for public and private entities. Overall in Europe, 287 proposals in the General Call asking for a total amount of € 3,2 billion will compete for the € 1,1 billion available to all EU Member States. Participation in Spain has been very extensive, with 78 projects amounting a total investment of € 1.140 million and 415 million of EU grant requested, most of them focused on Innovation, Multimodal platforms and Motorways of the Seas.

The H2020 Smart Green and Integrated Transport Calls envisage a total amount of € 450 million funds for 2016, with almost the half of it reserved to the Mobility for Growth Calls, which opened on October 15th 2015 and closed between January 20th and January 26th 2016.

Together with the Institute for Transport Studies of the University of Leeds (UK), Albea has coordinated a proposal in the Logistics priority submitted by a strong Consortium with research institutions, private companies and associations across Spain, France, the UK and Italy.

March 2016

Grand Besançon, Caen and Delle, accompanied by Marie-Luce Saillard-Albea, have been graduated in the framework of Cit’ergie

During the Conference of energy which was held in Dunkerque last January, 19 local authorities have been graduated in the framework of Cit' ergie, continues process of energy climate policy of local authorities. Among them the Municipality of Caen, the Municipality of Delle and the urban Community of Besançon. These local authorities are accompanied by Marie-Luce Saillard, Cit’ergie’s consultant.

The urban community of Besançon was able to obtain the label Cit' ergie and the Municipalities of Caen and Delle, obtained the CAP Cit’ergie label.

As a reminder, the label CAP Cit'ergie represents the first step of labelling, i.e. obtaining at least 35% of the real potential which can get a community through the Cit’ergie process, and for Cit'ergie at least 50%.

Congratulations for these 3 communes. This proves their commitment to invest in more environmentally friendly and more effective policies in terms of local energy management.

For more details, access to video presentations: Caen, Delle et Grand Besançon.

November 2015

Albea helps you to compete for the € 1.1 billion of the CEF Transport Calls, open to all EU Member States

The new Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Calls 2015, published on November 5th and open until February 16th 2016, offer more than € 7.6 billion to finance projects within the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), € 6.5 billion being only eligible for Cohesion Countries.

The structure of the Calls is similar to last year:

•    general co-funding rates of 50% for studies and 20% for works;

•    recommended project dimension is around € 5 million of eligible costs for works and € 1 million for studies;

•    and a high technical and administrative complexity in the proposal’s preparation, including the need for Agreement with the Member States concerned.

Among the € 1.1 billion mainly addressed to Non-cohesion Countries, the priorities are:

•    Traffic Management Systems (€ 800 million)

•    Motorways of the Sea (€ 130 million)

•    Innovation (€ 60 million)

•    Infrastructure in Core Network Nodes (€ 50 million)

•    Multimodal Logistic Platforms (€ 40 million)

•    Safe and Secure Infrastructure (€ 15 million)

A high level of competition is to be expected. With a high success rate for CEF proposals in 2014, Albea offers you its expertise, capital assets to handle the complexity of the CEF project structuration. In particular, proposals including works will be again subject to Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), which will determine the “Impact” award criterion, responsible of leaving many excellent CEF proposals in 2014 without funding.

November 2015

€ 1,7 million grant from the SME Instrument for an innovative project written by Albea

As a part of the H2020 program, an instrument has been specifically elaborated for SME called the “SME Instrument”. It offers the possibility for SMEs to have their innovative projects co-finance by up to 70%, depending on the maturity of the project

Albea has been chosen by the company “FPC Ingénierie” to submit a proposal for its project “CYPRES”, related to infrastructures’ protection against cyber-attacks, under the priority “Protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures”. Submitted in March 2015 in Phase 2, “CYPRES” has been selected for funding by the European commission in June. The project obtained a grant of € 1.7 million.

The European commission just launched for 2016 its new wave of Calls for Proposal under the SME Instrument, so do not hesitate: Choose Albea to help you to get your project funded!

Forthcoming calls for SME Instrument:

  • •     Phase 1:  24 February, 03 Mai, 07 September et 09 November 2016
  • •     Phase 2:  03 February, 14 April, 15 June et 13 October 2016

July 2015

Albea participates successfully in the CEF Transport Call 2014

Albea assesses COMSA Rail Transport and TRANSFESA, 2 of the 7 selected Spanish private companies in the Call, and the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux, the only French Port proposal in the Annual Programme

The final results of the CEF Transport Call 2014 closed on March 2015 have been published on Friday 10th July by the European Commission. 276 proposals amounting €13,1 billion have been selected over the 735 submitted proposals. This means more than the initial €12 billion allocated for this yearly call.

Results show two important biases in the results. The first one is a foreseeable bias towards the multiannual programme with 90% of the selected proposals, proportional to the initial €11 billion allocation reserved for this work programme with respect to the total €12 billion. The second one is an unexpected bias towards public entities, which amount 221 over the 276 selected proposals. In contrast, private companies have been only awarded with 52 proposals representing 19% of the total selected candidates.

Spain has been assigned 32 selected proposals over the 137 proposals presented, which represent 21% of success rate. Noteworthy enough, the 9 proposals submitted by Spanish private companies represent 20% of the total amount of proposals by private companies presented under the whole general call. Moreover, COMSA Rail Transport and TRANSFESA, 2 of the 7 Spanish companies which have presented a CEF proposal have been assessed by Albea.

France has been assigned a total of 33 of those selected proposals, over the 120 presented nationally, thus achieving a 28% success rate. From the 33 selected French proposals, 73% were submitted by public entities and 15% by private companies. Albea has developed the only selected proposal of a port in the Annual Call, the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux.

July 2015

Albea assists you in the new MED call coming on September 1st 2015

Albea's experience in European co-funding programmes can help you find your way through the first call of the Interreg MED programme of EU territorial cooperation for the period 2014-2020. Open from September 1st until October 2nd 2015, a total budget of EUR 265 million for the period and a co-funding rates between 50% and 85% make the programme very attractive to public or private entities in the Mediterranean regions willing to undertake projects with a transnational or regional approach.

Involving several sectors well-known by Albea such as transport, energy, environment, and maritime industry, projects are expected to consist of 3 types of action: studies and common strategies; action plans or translational pilot actions; and implementation and diffusion of actions around the MED area.

Projects are expected to be developed according to the following priority axes:

  • •     promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth
  • •     fostering low carbon strategies and energy efficiency in specific MED territories, especially in public
  •     buildings and the transport sector
  • •     protecting and promoting Mediterranean natural and cultural resources
  • •     a shared Mediterranean Sea, focusing on multilateral coordination frameworks
  • •     horizontal dimensions such as ICT, social cohesion and innovation, data and knowledge
  •     management and a territorial approach

Take your chance and start preparing your MED project with Albea!

May 2015

Albea engaged in the Spanish Call “Proyectos CLIMA” 2015

The yearly call “Proyectos CLIMA” from the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES-CO2), managed by the Spanish Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente (MAGRAMA) was launched on February 15th and closed on April 15th. The call is dedicated to projects intending to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in those sectors not regulated by the EU Emissions Trading System, thereby contributing to fulfill the Spanish's emissions commitment.

Albea has helped its clients, mainly in the sectors of Transport, Logistics and Energy, to develop their project ideas measuring the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the corresponding financial aid.

Presented proposals will be evaluated by the MAGRAMA in the coming months. The pre-selected projects will be asked for a more accurate project proposal, which, if finally selected, can be awarded with 9,7 €/t CO2-eq during 4 years.7

The award of a MAGRAMA grant is not only an economic incentive, but also a highly valuable distinction for a public or private entity to be more competitive within EU calls for proposals.

May 2015

Albea can help you benefit from Bpifrance loans in a renewed context

Up until last year, Bpifrance was financing activities related to technological innovation only, but since January 2015 the agency supports all types of innovation. This means that the innovation can be of either product, process, or service. In this renewed context, Albea already accompanies enterprises to be financed for their project.

With its strategic actions aiming to “serve the future” and support enterprise’s growth, Bpifrance proceeds on a case-by-case project selection in order to personalize the tool it will propose to you. It is thus the targets, impact and the commercialization potential of the project that is weighted. Therefore, the loans offered by Bpifrance can finance projects at any stage of its development, and under various forms of support.

Investments are intended for any type of business employing less than 2000 people, but with job creation as predominant criterion.

For the period 2015-2017, Bpifrance is going to invest € 8 000 000 000 in French companies, why not in yours? So, do not hesitate to contact us!

March 2015

Albea analyzes the participation in the CEF Programme Call 2014

Albea’s contribution to the Programme

Albea has assisted different companies to present several proposals in Spain and in France in the first CEF Programme Call open since September 2014 and closed on March 3rd 2015. The company’s expertise and high success rate in the CEF Programme predecessors, the Marco Polo and the TEN-T programmes (EUR 21,9 million in grants won over the last 5 years; and 4 of the 5 Spanish awarded Marco Polo projects on 2013 written by Albea) have made several clients trust Albea to develop their proposals.

The huge amount of administrative documents, the complexity of the technical part and the need to provide each proposal involving works or services with a now compulsory Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), which Albea has adapted to the recently updated methodology proposed by the European Commission for the Transport and Logistics sector, have been a challenge overcome with a lot of dedication, the expertise of Albea’s team and a close cooperation with the clients. The result has been the submission of several proposals under the Multiannual and the Annual Call, with a main focus on works and studies concerning intermodal logistic platforms, railway infrastructures, freight transport services and innovation.

A lower overall participation than expected

The 735 proposals submitted across the EU, adding up to EUR 36,6 billion of funding request, represent about 3 times the budget of EUR 12 billion available for the call. Taking into account that the total CEF budget for the whole period 2014-2020 amount EUR 26 billion and almost half of it was available only in the first call, the participation has not been overwhelming compared to the initial expectations.

read more >>>

March 2015

Albea offers its assistance for the new Interreg programme

10.1 billion of euro have been assigned to the European Territorial Co-operation for 2014-2020 through the programme Interreg V!

Albea offers its support and knowledge of European context and programmes to help you find the relevant Interreg programme according to your needs and geographical area. We can also assist you writing an Interreg project.

The new programs within Interreg V

Interreg is the key instrument of the European Union to support cooperation between partners across borders . Its aims are to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions, in the field of health, research and education, transport or sustainable energy.

The fifth programming period of Interreg has a budget of EUR 10.1 billion invested in over 100 cooperation programmes between regions and territorial, social and economic partners.

Interreg V is divided into three types of programmes: Interreg V-A for cross-border cooperation, Interreg V-B for transnational cooperation and Interreg V-C for interregional cooperation.

The first two Interreg are still divided into European regions with similar problematic (Atlantic region, Mediterranean Region, etc.) while Interreg V-C has now a European dimension with a greater focus on thematic rather than geographical areas, unlike Interreg IV-C.

Some of the programmes have already been approved by the European Commission while others are still going under approval.

read more >>>

December 2014

Albea, winner of a tender contract with the Port of Barcelona

Albea has signed with the Port Authority of Barcelona an agreement for the provision of services for the advice, presentation of proposals and monitoring of approved projects within European and national programmes for grants during the next three years. With this award Albea, together with Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping and the engineery Idom, form the list of the three selected suppliers for Port de Barcelona to develop the works related with the proposal writing and monitoring of co-financed projects with European and/or national funds for the period 2015-2017.

December 2014

Conference on Energy in Bordeaux on January 2015

For the first time, this event will take place in Bordeaux (France), particularly in the Congress Palace, the days 27, 28 and 29 of January of 2015. Until now, the previous annual editions of the Energy Assembly had been organized with a biannual alternative location, alternating the cities of Dunkirk and Grenoble. In 2014, the Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) has joined the team of co-organizers of the event integrated by the Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD), the Community of Municipalities of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (la Métro) and ADEME (Agency for Environment and Energy Management of France).

The event aims to provide local authorities a meeting place to exchange views and experiences on climate and energy issues. This 16th edition was entitled "Energetic Transition: all involved, act together" and it is expected to receive the assistance of more than 2,000 people during the three days of the event.>>>

November 2014

Albea identifies and analyses the European funds dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings

Catalan Housing Agency

Albea collaborates with the Catalan Housing Agency (ACH) to determine the amount of European funds dedicated to Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) during both the period 2007-2013 and the period 2014-2020 and identify all possible EU sources related to EEB in the period 2014-2020.

It can be said that there is no official source of information specifically dedicated to EEB and there exists no official reporting system to obtain standardized investment categories (such as Energy Efficiency) which is common to all EU funding schemes. Therefore, Albea has used all available information and reports on the websites of the different European programmes to obtain the most accurate final numbers and analyze them.

The identification of EU funding sources, which belongs to the company’s actual strengths, will make it possible to get a complete and detailed picture about Energy Efficiency programmes across the EU. Moreover, this will allow the ACH to plan its strategy as a potential beneficiary of European financial schemes.

November 2014

Albea brings its knowledge in European programmes for an external evaluation of ADEME


The partnership/alliance between Edater-Albea has been selected to carry out the study of the external evaluation of the participation of ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management) in projects funded by the European Commission within the period 2004-2014. The main objective is to determinate the impact assessment of the participation of the ADEME in this kind of projects.

The main topics ADEME works with are included in the European programmes related with regional and cohesion policy, common agricultural policy (PAC), policy of support for research and innovation for businesses and environment, and foreign policy of the European Union. >>>

November 2014

Grand Nancy has chosen Albea for advice on Cit'ergie initiative

Grand Nancy

Marie-Luce Saillard, Albea’s associate Director and Cit’ergies’s advisor and auditor, assists from now on the Urban Community of Grand Nancy in its implementation of the certification process Cit'ergie®.

Cit’ergie is the French version of the European certification eea® (European Energy Award). It is addressed to regional entities, municipalities and groups of municipalities which actively work to improve their energy-clime policy.

Albea currently assists six public entities through the process: the urban communities of Grand Besançon and Grand Nancy and the councils of Caen, Besançon, Niort and Delle. >>>

October 2014

CEF Transport, the new successor European cofounding program of the TEN-T and the Marco Polo has launched the first call for proposals with 12 EUR billion

CEF Transport

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in transport, which succeeds the TEN-T programme, integrates the new faces and features of both TENT-T and our old friend Marco Polo programmes. The CEF transport finances projects to help complete the trans-European transport network in a high-performing, sustainable and efficiently manner by 2030 funding different types of actions.

Albea has participated in the CEF Infoday held on October 9-10th 2014 in Brussels. The first CEF Transport calls were published on September 11th 2014, based on the Multi-Annual (MAP) and Annual Work Programmes (AP). About EUR 12 billion are already available for the 2014 calls, whose deadline is February 26th 2015.

For more details about the calls read our report PDF >>>

October 2014

Centralized training session for the project 50000 & 1 SEAPs

Centralized training session for the project 50000 & 1 SEAPs

Albea, as a consortium member of the European project 50000 & 1 SEAPs «Supporting Local Authorities in the development and integration of SEAPs with Energy Management Systems according to ISO 50001», has organized the second training session held in Barcelona on 1-2 October. The main objectives have been the integration of an Energy Management System following the ISO50001 in a SEAP, the sharing of experiences of municipalities who have already applied this methodology and the examples of certifications at local level.

19 municipalities from 5 European countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia and Romania) have participated in this event, in addition to all the members of the consortium who represent 9 nationalities of the European Union. >>>

October 2014

Albea and the SME Instrument

Albea and the SME Instrument

Albea assists SMEs in the administrative, technical and financial preparation of their proposal under the European programme «SME instrument».

This instrument is intended for to all types of innovative SMEs (non-technological and services innovations included) and which are willing to develop, grow and internationalize.

This is a tool of growth which can be by carried by a single SME. >>>

September 2014

Albea is going to attend the CEF Transport Info Day

CEF Transport

The first Connecting Europe Facility Transport (CEF Transport) Info Day will be held on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th October 2014 in Brussels. It will be organized by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). The topc of this event will be the presentation of the priorities of the 2014 CEF Transport Calls, to be announced in September.

The CEF is the new programme of the European Commission that will support the development of high-performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and digital services. >>>

August 2014

Partnership between France and the European Commission for the Structural Funds


A new partnership, agreed between France and the European Commission, defines a common strategic framework for the four European Structural and Investment Funds (FEIE) for the period 2014-2020.

This new document, adopted on 8th August 2014, defines the main guidelines of the programme for the new period as well as the nature of the interventions of the structural funds for the territories concerned. >>>

July 2014

Albea has developed 4 of the 5 Spanish projects Marco Polo winners!

Marco Polo

Albea has developed four of the five Spanish proposals of the transport services selected by the European Commission for receiving co-financing of the Marco Polo II program.

The total aid for these four projects is 3.93 million Euros. The beneficiary companies are TRANSFESA, SAICA, the consortium formed by Comsa Rail Transport and Ibercargo Rail and the consortium integrated by Transportes Portuarios and the Port Authorities of Barcelona and Tarragona. >>>

June 2014

The municipality of Vilafranca del Penedès is going to develop its biomass project written by Albea within the Life+ programme.

Vilafranca del Penedès

Albea has led the technical and economic proposal development of the LIFE+ «Vineyards for Heating», which has been selected for the European Commission to receive a grant of 518.473€. The project consists of using vine shoots as bioenergy for heating energy generation (heat-cold). The objective of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of this biomass with pilot installations in two wineries, Codorniu and Caves Vilarnau, and in an area of public facilities within the city. >>>

May 2014

Albea advices 5 territorial entities on the Cit’ergie® initiative


Nowadays Marie-Luce assists fives territorial entities in the implementation of the Cit'ergie® initiative (evaluation of public policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate): the Community of Municipalities of Besançon and the City Councils of Caen, Besançon, Niort and Delle. Each of these institutions is at a different stage of its energy and climate policy. Some of them have achieved the highest level with the EAA Gold label, and others are in the process of certification Cit'ergie® or recognition CAP Cit'ergie®. >>>

March 2014

Albea – coauthor of the study Med-ELENA for BEI

Albea, in collaboration with another consultancy firm, has signed a contract with BEI. The project will define the conditions for the development of a new financial tool to support energy efficiency needs and small investments in renewable energy in South Mediterranean countries. PDF >>>

February 2014

B2MoS, new European Project on Motorways of the Sea

Albea offers technical assistance to Barcelona Port Authority in an initiative within the Project B2MoS. The objective of this European Project (TEN-T programme) is to improve the efficiency of Customs and Port State controls in trade flows, improving and increasing the quality and confidence of SSS (Short Sea Shipping). >>>

December 2013

Financing sustainability and energy transition with the European programmes Horizon 2020

Albea supports its customers to identify the most suitable calls, to design their Project and to elaborate their proposals.

Horizon 2020 is the new financial instrument of the European Commission for research and development addressed to governmental institutions and companies. The programme is endowed with 79.000 million Euros for the period 2014-2020. The IEE and Ecoinnovation programmes are now part of the H2020.

Besides other big thematic areas, the programme includes opportunities on Energy, Transport and Climate Change. >>>

September 2013

Albea supports Grand Besançon and Besançon in the Cit’ergie® (eea®) iniciative

Marie-Luce SAILLARD, one of Albea’s partner-director, provides advice and audits for Cit’ergie®, supporting Gran Besançon’s Community of Municipalities and the city o Besançon to obtain Cit’ergie® certification.

Cit’ergie® is the French version of the European certification eea® (European Energy Award). It is addressed to regional entities, municipalities and groups of municipalities which actively work to improve their energy-clime policy.

September 2013

Albea has a new address

Albea has moved its headquarters in Spain and has opened a new centre of operations in Bordeaux.

You will find us in Ciutat de Granada 82 Barcelona 08005 or in 33 rue Ferrère 33000 Bordeaux. >>>