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March 2015

Albea offers its assistance for the new Interreg programme

10.1 billion of euro have been assigned to the European Territorial Co-operation for 2014-2020 through the programme Interreg V!

Albea offers its support and knowledge of European context and programmes to help you find the relevant Interreg programme according to your needs and geographical area. We can also assist you writing an Interreg project.

The new programs within Interreg V

Interreg is the key instrument of the European Union to support cooperation between partners across borders . Its aims are to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions, in the field of health, research and education, transport or sustainable energy.

The fifth programming period of Interreg has a budget of EUR 10.1 billion invested in over 100 cooperation programmes between regions and territorial, social and economic partners.

Interreg V is divided into three types of programmes: Interreg V-A for cross-border cooperation, Interreg V-B for transnational cooperation and Interreg V-C for interregional cooperation.

The first two Interreg are still divided into European regions with similar problematic (Atlantic region, Mediterranean Region, etc.) while Interreg V-C has now a European dimension with a greater focus on thematic rather than geographical areas, unlike Interreg IV-C.

Some of the programmes have already been approved by the European Commission while others are still going under approval.

Interreg V-A

  • 60 cross-border programmes (ERDF contribution: EUR 6.6 billion) ;
  • 12 IPA cross-border (Instrument for Pre-Accession);
  • 16 ENI Cross-border (European Neighbourhood Instrument).

Interreg V-B

Concerning France, the Interreg V-B programmes already approved are “Alpine Space” and “North-West Europe”.

Concerning Spain, the programmes “Atlantic Area”, “Med” and “SUDOE” have been presented to the European Commission and are pending for approval. Several regions of France are also concerned by these 3 programmes.

Interreg V-C

This interregional programme is now called Interreg Europe and covers all 28 Members States of the EU along with 3 networking programmes, Urbact III, Interact III and ESPON (ERDF contribution: EUR 500 million).

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